updated to rc5-72 ! rc5stats

A small Windows tool that provides a little extra info and
statistics on returned blocks...
Based on the block submission history - no client log file needed!

Setup is not required: just unzip the file to a directory of
your desire and run it.

Requirements: You need at last Version 4.x of the
Microsoft Internet Explorer installed on your system.
You should have the font Verdana installed.
You should have access to the internet... ;)

Download: click here to get it. (205 KB, zip file, containing 1 file: rc5stats.exe)

Updating... If you have the old version of rc5stats.exe, please
delete the rc5stats.usr and the rc5stats.tmp files if they're present.

Charts: click here to check out an example of the chart page that rc5stats produces.
(No webserver or anything like this required, just a webbrowser...)

feedback to oli@setihide.de